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Reverse Pivot Shooting

Player 1 passes cross-court to player 2 who dribbles towards where the pass came from. Player 1 makes a cut to the basket. Player 2 makes a reverse pivot and passes to player 1 for the shot. • Emphasise good passes and good footwork.
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Close-out Shooting Drill

Player 1 passes the ball to player 2 before following their pass to put pressure on the receiver. Player 2 then dribbles around the cones on either the left or right before having a shot. • Player will act as the rebounder.
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Y Shooting Drill

Player 1 sprints straight to the cone in front of them before making a cut either way to then receive a pass from one of the players in the corner. Player 1 then goes onto to shoot a jump shot or layup, before collecting their ball and joining the queue in the corner. • The player that gave the pass then runs to the join the queue of players on the half way line. • Players in the corners of the court have basketballs.
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Two Pass Lay up Drill

Player 5 V cuts to the middle of the court Player 1 passes the ball and proceeds to cut to the basket 5 passes to 1, 1 performs a lay up, 5 rebound the ball. • Could be good for team pre game warm up drill.
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Screen – Cutter Shooting Drill

Players 1 and 3 dribble towards the wing, with player 4 setting a lateral screen for player 2. Player 2 comes off the screen and receives a pass from player 3 for a shot. Player 4 cuts to the ball and receives a pass from player 1 for a shot.
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Three man switch to shoot and score

Player 1 starts with the ball in the middle of the court and plays the ball to player 2 who cuts in to the first cone.
Player 2 must then pass to player 3 who has also made a run inside to the other cone further up the court.
Player 1 in the meantime should loop on the outside behind player 2 to receive the ball back from player 3 and take a shot.

  • Player 2 and 3 should follow up for any rebounds
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