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Simple Off the Screen Drill

Player 3 runs into the arc and runs off the screen created by player 2 before receiving the ball from player 1, turning and then shooting. Player 3 then collects the ball and returns the ball back to player 1.
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Phantom Pick & Roll Drill

Blue makes pass to White then down screen for red, red cuts off the top of the screen towards ball 1 will reverse pivot & roll to the basket. Everyone rotate one spot clockwise. White can pass to either red or blue for shot.
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Screen – Cutter Drill

Players 1 and 3 dribble towards the wing, with player 4 setting a lateral screen for player 2. Player 2 comes off the screen and receives a pass from player 3 for a shot. Player 4 cuts to the ball and receives a pass from player 1 for a shot.

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Shoot off the Screen

Split the group into three groups. Player 1 passes to player 2 before going to set a lateral screen for player 3. Player 3 cuts off the screen to receive the pass and shoot.
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