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Sitting Chest Pass

2 Players sit facing each other with one ball at a distance of 3m. The players must do a chest pass to each other.A progression would be to do 3 quick passes
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Give and go

Player 1 makes a pass to player 2 before sprinting to receive the pass back from player 2. Player 1 then has a shot. • Player 1 must a fake away movement with their feet before cutting to the basket
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Pass then Pressure

Split players into groups of 3. One player has a ball and throws it to the middle player, who in turn throws the ball to the third person in the group. Once the initial passer has passed the ball the run to put pressure on the receiver.
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Pass and Move

Two groups of players with one ball and one player between the groups on the side.Player 1 passes to player 3 and runs straight to receive a pass from player 3. Player 2 then makes a pass to player 3 and makes and runs to receive a pass before passing to player 4.
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Lead Pass

Try to make an accurate pass, a lead pass, to a player on the move. • Timing and accuracy. No travelling violations.
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