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Motion Offense – Swing

A simple variation of the 4 out 1 in motion offence that uses basic pass, cut and fill options. This style of offense is made to be uncomplicated. It offers flexibility during its motion and provides counter plays that if run correctly at the right time will result is success.
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Split The Post

Try this simple basketball play when you need an easy score. It's great for getting a high percentage shot from inside the key, or a wide open three pointer. These half-court offense tactics work for any team at any competitive level.
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Motion Offense – 3 on 3

3 on 3 motion offense can be adapted to any 5 on 5 motion offense or 3 on 3 games. A beneficial drill set to use in training sessions to help players understand the basic play sets and motion around the key.
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4-Out 1-In Complete Play Set

Select your 41 play from the menu. Play the 41 motions with the play key. Step though the plays with the forward key. Replay or go back to a previous play with the rewind key.
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