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3 on 3 plays

3 on 3 motion offense can be adapted to any 5 on 5 motion offense or 3 on 3 games. A beneficial drill set to use in training sessions to help players understand the basic play sets and motion around the key
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2 on 2 Helpside Drill

White1 and white2 will pass ball to each other 3 or 4 times.blue1 and blue2 will adjust accordingly.red1 and red2 are continually getting open.white1 or white2 will pass to either red1 or red2. Now, it becomes a 2 on 2 game.reds vs blues until reds score or blues get the ball.Rotation = Offence to defence, defence to passers.
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2 on 2 Half Court

Play 2 versus 2 at one basket. No dribbling allowed. Alternate possession. Play to eleven. • Pass & Move. • Get square to the basket.
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1 v 1 in Open Floor

Red player 1 (defender) rolls the ball out to blue player one. As soon as the ball is rolled the defender can go and close the attacker down. The attacker can then pick the ball up and go 1 v 1 against the defender and try and score. Once the practice is over the players go to the back of their lines and the next two players go.
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1 on 1 with Entry Pass

White 2 gets in space to receive a pass from White 1 Upon receiving ball White 1 has three bounces and five seconds to try to score. Alternate possession between players. The winner is the first to 5. Blue 2 will pass to white 3 when they get open.
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4 on 2 Grid Passing Drill

Players play a 4 on 2 passing game within the grid area. When defending wins the ball 2 whites move out of the area and another two move into play a 4 v 2 again.
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