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Zig-Zag Dribble Drill

First player dribbles full court with a defender covering all the time. Upon reaching the opposite baseline player dribbling becomes the defender and the other player dribbles the length of the court. • Run this as a passive exercise first and then allow active defence.
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Spin Dribble

Player 1 dribbles to the line of cones with their right hand and does a crossover dribble and changes to the right hand, repeat the process at the next line of cones and then finish with a lay up shot. • Progressions - Use hesitation dribble, spin dribble, between the legs, crab dribble. • Put in a defensive player
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Two Ball Dribble Pyramid

Players dribble two balls to the free throw line and back, half way line and back. • Improve weak hands. • Looking straight ahead - not at the ball
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Dribble – Exchange – Pass

Two groups of players with two balls. Players 1 and 2 dribble towards each other, in the middle they stop and exchange balls before passing to the next player in the line.
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Dribble Moves Combo Drill

Player dribbles towards the basket, performs a spin dribble. He then continues to the middle of the court, performs a cross-over dribble, then dribbles to the elbow for a jump shot. • Head up. • Make sure that the practice is done at game speed.
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Dribble Steal Drill

Players are restricted to a pre-specified area. All are dribbling. With their free hand they try to knock each other’s ball away and out of the area. • Restrict area. • Head up. • Change pace and direction.
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