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V Cut Drill

Players make good V cuts, receive pass from player with ball, assume triple threat position. Everyone rotate one spot clockwise.
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V Cut then lay up from the baseline

Player on the baseline is a cutter and player on the top is a passer. The cutter runs towards the key until one foot is inside the key then they change direction and move towards the ball. When they are free they must signal for the ball with their outside hand. Once they receive the ball they can then square up towards the basket and go for a shot or drive for a lay up.
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Back Cut Drill

(i) player now makes a v cut, imagines the defender is over-playing him and makes a Back Cut or backdoor cut receive phantom pass. (ii) Receives the ball and shoots.
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Get free using a S Cut

Three players (1 defender and 2 attackers). Player 2 runs towards the defender before making an S-Cut and receiving the ball from Player 3. Player 2 then turns and shoots before collecting the rebound and throwing it to player 5.

Player 3 then goes into be the defender, with players 4 and 5 as the attackers.

  • Work to get free.
  • Make a strong rebound with a quick outlet pass.
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In and Out – V-Cut

3 players work with one ball between them inside a quarter of the court. In the middle of the half of area is a cone. Player 1, with the ball in hand, starts on one of the corners of the grid and passes to player 2 after they have run inside the area, touched the cone, and then run outside into open space to receive the pass. Player 2 then passes to player 3 and the drill continues. • Look for sharp running with a burst of acceleration after players have touched the inside cone.
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